Revealing for the 1st Time in History

TRUE Facts that the Auctions, Dealers & Forgers

DO NOT want you to know about!

The below is merely an overview of the contents of my Guide and Graphic Novel of “ Fakes & Scoundrels” along with entertaining stories about the Great Collectors and Dealers I had the pleasure of meeting throughout a half-century of collecting, recalling the good times yet understanding the downside that can occur if you are not alert and astute. The Pleasure and Passion of Collecting will always be with us and some of the most Interesting People in the world are the Collectors !

Collecting in Any Area

Collecting has many benefits and enjoyment yet many pitfalls do exist which I detail within my New Book “ Fakes & Scoundrels” most of these pit falls can be avoided if you can create and stay within your own parameters. But it is up to you to create your own guidelines to collect and stick with it. My book is your Guide to doing exactly that and what to do or not do if something goes wrong. I wish I knew 50 years ago when I first began collecting. What I know Now! It would have saved me millions, now my experiences will save you from certain problems that I had to face alone.  It is a natural Human fault that we all have for one to take advantage of another, as it has gone on since Adam & Eve and it occurs in all areas of business and collectibles, particularly where “Big Money” is involved. The following is just a brief overview of my upcoming book on “ Fakes & Scoundrels “ available by subscription now, and then published in a Limited Edition in September 2020. 

It is a thin gray line we all walk to collect wisely and still enjoy and have fun collecting and the passion to treasure hunt for the newly discovered rarities and enjoy sharing them with others including fellow collectors as well as our favorite Museums.  MY expertise is in Historical objects and I will Not try to cover Sports or Entertainment Memorabilia or, Fine Wine, Folk Art, Women’s Jewelry or Comic Books, Maps and Antiques.  However, I will cover In Depth all Historical Items as follows.  Sadly, I have met more than my fair share of crooks, and scam artists and a few of them have taken me to the cleaners. The con-games are endless with in mankind’s imagination.