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My Story

A NATIVE OF ARKANSAS, GARY HENDERSHOTT gained his love of collecting as most boys did, through the wonderful medium of stamp and coin collecting. “I became fascinated with the sense of history that stamps and coins presented to me,” Hendershott said, “and that love of history has followed me through the years and through a number of different collections.” “Perhaps even more significantly,” Hendershott remembered, “was finding my first arrowhead on our family farm in Arkansas. This was the start of my lifelong fascination with Native American artwork – an interest born, in part, by my own Native American Indian ancestry.” Years later, at the age of 18, Hendershott climbed the pyramid at Coba’ in the Yucatan, the tallest Mayan pyramid in existence, and watched the sunrise over the Yucatan and the Caribbean. “It was magnificent,” Hendershott remembers, “and that was the beginning of my interest in both Ancient Art with Pre-Columbian Jade and Gold.”

Gary Hendershott has since followed his Dream of Collecting to encompass American paintings including the famous Gilbert Stuart Athenaeum portrait of George Washington, as well as Charles Wilson Peale’s portrait of George Washington, which he built one of the finest collections of our 1st President including his 22 page “ Fair Reading “ manuscript signed speech that he delivered before Congress in 1794, his Silver Wine Cooler from the 1st White House that he presented to our 1st Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton. Gary has continued to collect and became very well experienced in every field of History from Ancient Egypt to Mayan Gold, to the American Civil War and Confederate States, Custer and the Indian Wars, and WWII from 1939 to 1945. Gary appraised the Tom Ferebee papers who was the Bombardier on board the Enola Gay, that dropped the 1st Atomic Bomb. Through all his half-century of collecting Gary is one of only a few people in the World that understands every facet and every perspective of collecting as he has lived it. Recalling both the good times as well as understanding the downside of collectibles and how to navigate your way to the successful completion of collecting in every area that you are interested in.



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